US Population Makeup LgIn the past 20 years the Hispanic population in the US has grown by 78%, accounting for 56% of the total growth of population across all races and ethnicities during that timeframe.

On average, Hispanics tend to be younger than other races or ethnic groups in the US, making up about one-quarter of Gen Z, per a recent report [download page] from Claritas. The report not only explores the growth of the Hispanic population but also their income and spending habits.

Unlike the non-Hispanic Whites that make up a noteworthy share of older people in the US (72.3% of Boomers and 79.3% of Silents), Hispanics trend towards the younger population. Indeed, while Hispanics only make up 10.4% of Boomers and 7.7% of Silents, Hispanics account for 23.4% of the total US Millennial population and 25.8% of the total Gen Z population. Of note is that the Gen Z population is already majority-minority, while the Millennial population is close behind.

What Does the Future Hold?

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