IS165827669 SEO largeAre you looking to take your brand to the next level? Are you searching for ways that will get you two steps ahead of the competition?

In today’s world where technology and the internet rule, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must. So is delivering on your brand promise to your buyers. SEO, like all marketing is not a fix for a business that isn’t delivering an outstanding product or service. It’s merely the way you get the word out so your buying audience increases.

Why SEO?

The main goal of SEO is to help your website get higher rankings in various search engines. Consumers rely on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when searching for products and services. Companies that rank on the first page are likely to get the most inquiries because most people only scan the websites they see on the first page. If you see your competition on page one of a Google search and you’re not there too, you are at a big disadvantage.

Though only 36 percent of small businesses in the United States use SEO, analysts project the number to rise.

But what really are the key benefits of SEO? Are there any other advantages it can offer aside from higher website ranking?

Continue reading as we outline the 15 benefits of SEO you need to understand.

1. Lead Generation. Part of growing a business is generating new leads. Studies show that one of the biggest sources of new leads comes from inbound strategies.

SEO is a form of an inbound strategy.

SEO makes your brand visible to more people. If more people see you on Google, the greater your chances of generating new leads. Combine it with your content marketing and social media initiatives then you have a solid inbound strategy in your hands.

2. Better User Experience. SEO will also improve your website’s user experience. People want to get fast results. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, they will probably move on to the next website.

SEO can help improve the relevance of your website. This means more people go to your website because you can provide the information they need. Google sees this and tags your website as relevant.

This increases your website’s chance to rank on page one.

3. Increase Brand Awareness. Brand awareness is crucial if you want to broaden your market reach. SEO can help increase brand awareness.

Through organic and regular searches, SEO helps keep your products and services visible in various search engines. SEO will help you identify the keywords that your target market uses.

[quotesright]With more people seeing your brand online, you will likely enjoy more conversions which leads to higher sales and profit. [/quotesright]

4. Builds Credibility. Ever wonder why some companies remain on top of their industry for several years? It’s because they focus on building their trust and credibility.

By ranking high on page one of search results through SEO, people will get the impression that you are one of the industry leaders. It will send them a message that people trust your brand and the products that you offer.

On the flip side, when people see that you are at the bottom of the page rankings, they will think that you are a novice. Keep in mind that people will generally trust an industry veteran over a newbie.

5. Influences Buying Cycle. Wise customers do their research before buying anything online. With the help of SEO, you can showcase your new products and services. You can offer them new deals and discounts.

This means you can impact your target market’s purchasing decision. By impacting the buying cycle, you can even dictate the direction of the latest industry trends.

6. Quantifiable. Through tracking and analytics, you can measure your conversions. You can also keep track of the sources of your conversions.

SEO allows you to measure the progress of your website. It gives you a clear picture of your rankings and how organic traffic develops for your website.

In addition, you can identify the keywords that best work for your brand. You can emphasize the ones that are valuable and discard the ones that yield dismal returns.

[quotesright]Because SEO is measurable, you can identify the areas for improvement. You can come up with contingencies to strengthen your weaknesses. [/quotesright]

7. Create New Opportunities. Believe it or not, SEO can also help you create opportunities that you have overlooked in the past. When you implement SEO, the SEO team has no choice but to understand what your brand is all about.

They will need to learn and understand what makes your business tick. They will have to learn the ins and outs of your industry.

By understanding your brand at a deeper level, the SEO team can discover new opportunities. These are the opportunities that you have previously failed to see because of having so much on your plate.


Time to Fix Some Problems Inside?

Are you getting returns on products, complaints, or other indications of dissatisfaction with your service? Are deadlines being missed, sales slow? From time to time all companies run into obstacles that hold them back from taking advantage of the power of the web because they can’t quite identify how to resolve some nagging internal issues.

That’s where a fresh look by an outside specialist can pay off handsomely. They see what no one inside can because they don’t assume what you do. We’re experts at taking fresh looks and helping you create a company that can really benefit from SEO or any other type of marketing.

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8. Build Up Organic Traffic. If you want to increase website traffic, you need to focus on boosting organic search. This is one of the biggest sources of website traffic.

In simple terms, organic search refers to search results that you do not pay for. Organic search is the opposite of pay-per-click advertising.

Organic search relies on the relevance of your website in relation to your customers’ searches. It also depends on the relevance in connection with domain authority and links.

Organic traffic refers to people who visit your website because they decided to, and not because of paid-for branded search engine advertising. The more organic searches you attract, the more organic visitors your website will have.

9. Become Mobile-Friendly. Through SEO, you can relax knowing that your website is mobile friendly. In 2018, more than half of the world’s online traffic came through mobile devices. This means more people are using their smartphones and tablets for their online searches.

Moreover, Google updated its algorithm in favor of mobile-friendly websites. If Google sees that your website offers a bad user experience for mobile users, expect them to penalize you.

An example of mobile-friendliness is the feature that allows users to pinch their screens to zoom in and out.

10. Reduces Cost Per Acquisition. Some of the bigger companies spend on advertising to acquire new customers. But with good SEO, you can reduce your company’s cost per acquisition.

If there is any expense you will need to shell out in SEO, it involves hiring a reputable SEO company.  SEO requires steady commitment, regular posting of content and many ever changing ways to make certain the search engines see you as a leader.  It’s a lot of work so, if you’re not up to the task, hire experts to do the work for you.

11. No Paid Advertising. Companies also invest in search results advertising. One of the most popular advertising methods is pay-per-click (PPC) services, such as Google Ads. PPC works by placing your ads on platforms like Google or Facebook. But you only pay the platform whenever users click on your ads. If you advertise on the Google search network, expect to pay around $1 to $2 per click.

However, if you build strong SEO rankings, you can lessen your advertising expenses. Studies show that SEO gets 90 percent more clicks compared to PPC. This is because most users choose to skip paid advertisements.

If they are watching a video on YouTube, they will likely skip the ad and continue with their viewing.

12. Increases Offline Sales. As we mentioned above, today’s consumers tend to do their research before buying. Through SEO, you can deliver your message more effectively to your target customers.

With the information they have, you can attract more foot traffic in your physical store. You will also increase the number of calls and inquiries about your products and services.

13. Integration. SEO may just be one part of the bigger pie that is online marketing. But it sure can integrate all of your other online marketing initiatives.

Your brand’s social media marketing, content marketing, online advertising, and web design all influence SEO. If your SEO is solid, you can expect these other elements to follow suit.

14. Boosts Your Company’s Value. There may come a time that you will decide to sell your company. When that time comes, you want to have a valuable brand to sell.

SEO helps increase the value of your business. If you are on page one of search results and you have a solid SEO standing, you can command a higher value for your company. Prospective buyers cannot throw you a lowball.

15. It’s Cheap. Lastly, SEO is relatively cheap compared to other marketing strategies. Yes, you will need to shell out some money at first. But if you look at the bigger picture, the investment will go a long way.

There are companies that shun SEO. They have this notion that they will not realize a positive ROI. But the key lies in hiring a reputable SEO company.

[quotesright]Qualified SEO agencies can generate a substantial ROI. Think of your spending as an investment instead of an expense. [/quotesright]

There is no doubt that SEO can help bring your brand to the next level. Yes, SEO is not simple, especially if your staff is not adept at online marketing strategies, but don’t let that discourage you: Find a company that specializes in SEO.

Further, don’t settle for the cheapest one you can find. Instead, go for a company that completes the job the right way.

Every second counts in the road to a page one ranking.

However, SEO Isn’t a Magic Marketing Wand

SEO is just part of your marketing strategy, it’s not the only way your should be marketing and reaching out to generate leads.

Google recently changed its strategy for how it shows top ranking sites with big implications on how even a top ranked site will show up on the first page.  You need a balanced and well thought out strategy for generating maximum profit at the lowest cost.  That takes more than SEO or advertising.  It takes the whole company and having all the divisions working efficiently and effectively together plus a well thought out strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your marketing and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your company, let’s talk.

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