celebarate lgYou take a look at your numbers and almost let do a happy dance in your office with how good they are. While you can take some of the credit for this success, you can’t take all of it. You wouldn’t have been able to do it without your amazing team's performance.

You decide that you want to hold an employee event to thank everyone for working so hard. You get out a pen and paper to start the planning process, but your mind goes completely blank.

You’re not sure where to begin but luckily, we do. Here is everything you need to know about planning the perfect employee event.

1. Who's Participating

It would seem that something like the guest list should be simple to figure out and put together but it's a little more complicated than that. You have to ask yourself a few questions, the biggest one being: Are you going to allow your employees to bring their family to the event or is it strictly staff only?

Another thing you should consider is inviting vendors because while you wouldn't have gotten where you are without your employees, vendors play a key role as well. [quotesright]What about your employees that have retired already? [/quotesright] Will they be invited to come as sort of a "thank you for all of your past work/reunion" sort of thing?

2. Put Together an Event Team

While you could certainly attempt to plan the event alone, that's a lot of unnecessary work and stress to pile on yourself not to mention it may be a poor use of your time. You should consider putting together an event committee because it communicates, "We're a team, we do things together and your ideas are valuable." Better yet, you get a lot of enthusiasm going and may discover you have a natural leader you had overlooked.

These same employees may be able to help set everything up so you won't be left trying to do it on your own or have to hire someone to do it for you.

3. Hire a Pro

If no employees sign up for the event planning team or it's just too much stress on them, you can use outside event planners to take care of the planning. [quotesright]This is the more expensive option, but they will get the job done. [/quotesright]

You may be worried that if you hire an outside source that the event will no longer be yours but most of these companies just take care of the hands-on stuff. Your decisions and input will still be factored into the final product.

4. Think of a Theme

This part isn't required but it's nice. A theme can add a fun and carefree element to the event that your employees will appreciate. But, how do you pick a theme that everyone will like?

[quotes]The answer is simple.[/quotes] Post a document online that everyone can add their suggestions to. Let them know that they don't have to come up with a new one if they don't want to or vote for one that's already written down. By the end of the week, you should have a couple of suggestions that you can work with. Allow them to get as creative as they want.

5. Order Plenty of Food

Let's face it, you could have a great theme and fun games but your employees could still have a horrible time if you either don't order enough food or the food you order isn't to their liking. It's not an event if there’s no food, so food is the one thing that you can't cut budget on.

Be sure that everyone has enough to eat. Don't forget to take dietary restrictions into account, find out if any of your employees are lactose intolerant or vegan for example.

If your budget is small to the point that you're scared of having enough food, you can allow employees to bring dishes. Just have a list out where everyone can write down what they're bringing so you don't have any repeats. The more diverse your work force, the more fun it is.

6. Include Games Everyone Can Participate in

There are some contests, sports, or games that some of your employees may not be able to take part in. If you just have high-intensity games like touch football, you'll have some employees who will sit out due to personal preferences or even physical limitations.

You can still have touch football but also be sure to add things others can do. If you invite their families, be sure to have fun things for the kids.

7. Have a Backup Plan

If you're planning to have your event outside, you need to have a backup plan just in case the heat that day is too intense or it rains. You can do this in a few ways. The first way is having an alternative date.

The second way is to just arrange for a back-up indoor venue. This would probably be the preferred idea because you won't have to move the day of your event. No matter what you do, just make sure that all of your employees or people attending know about the alternate plans.

Enjoy the Fruit of a Successful Employee Event

Although there are costs in both time and money, a successful employee event gives your team time to unwind, develop new or deepen existing relationships among one another, and enjoy a tangible expression of your appreciation that will tend to strengthen loyalty.

Nothing to Celebrate?

Can't host a party because you didn't make the money or numbers that you expected or need?

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