123rf22417069 largeOffering irresistible content is crucial to keeping your audience engaged with your brand and data can be a powerful tool in achieving this…if people can understand your data.

[rquotes]A fabulous way to draw eyeballs to your content is through the use of data visualizations.[/rquotes] Data visualizations let you add interactive visuals to your content while showcasing your business' data. Building a resource list of graphics tools is a fabulous way to ensure the content your brand offers is never bland or boring.

By transforming basic data into stunning visuals, you allow your audience to gain a deeper understanding of the topic you are presenting. Thanks to data scientists and graphics specialists, there are now more tools than ever before for those with a penchant for pixels.

If you want to see your social media shares skyrocket, here is a selection of powerful data-visualization tools that definitely need to be added to your marketer's brand-building arsenal of must-use resources.


LiveStories lets you create engaging visualizations from your spreadsheet data and offers access to its own databases, including information on population, education, and health. Thanks to the StoryBuilder tool, you can create visualizations from your data, add anything from text to video, and share your creations with your audience. (http://www.livestories.com/)


StatTrends offers tools that help marketers create and embed interactive charts. Data can be imported to StatTrends from a variety of spreadsheet platforms. Whether you use Excel or Google Spreadsheets, you can add your data to StatTrends to spot patterns in your data. You can even convert your data into video format, thanks to this handy graphics tool. (http://www.statsilk.com/software/stattrends)


DataHero is a must-discover tool for marketers. Its powerful software lets you integrate data from multiple platforms, including MailChimp, SalesForce, HubSpot, and Shopify. Create data visualizations, choose from numerous chart types, and share your final product with your followers. If you want to impress your audience with engaging brand marketing assets, you can't go wrong by incorporating DataHero into your marketing repertoire. (https://datahero.com/)


Vizzlo lets you easily create data visualizations for your website or social media channels. Choose what type of chart you want to create, add/import your data, and watch your creation magically appear before your eyes. Whether you want to embed your creation on your blog or add it to your Facebook wall, you can do so with Vizzlo. (https://vizzlo.com/)


Dataseed is another top tool for brand builders. Its handy interface lets you create data-rich visualizations perfect for sharing on social media and in your content marketing blog posts. Visualizations created with Dataseed are mobile-responsive, so you know your images will look fabulous regardless of where they're shared. Customize your colors and create anything from maps to line graphs, using data from such sources as Dropbox, Github, or your Google Drive. What a great way to showcase your business' information to potential customers, right? (https://getdataseed.com/)

Thanks to terrific tools like those mentioned above, marketers no longer have to rely just on photographs or videos to provide eye candy for their content.

With resources like these, comprehending complex data sets is now easier than ever. Do you think you will be integrating any of these awesome resources tools into your marketing efforts?