Inbox placement rates are continuing to improve in the US, with an average of 85% of promotional emails from US senders reaching the inbox up from 77% during the year-earlier period.

US Email Deliverability Rates Aug2018 large

During the 12-month period spanning from Q3 2017 through Q2 2018, US senders experienced an average inbox placement rate of 83%, just 6% of emails landed in the spam folder, though 10% were classified as “missing” in that they never made their way past the initial gateway. [quotesright]Across the dozens of countries measured, an average of 85% of emails reached the inbox during the yearlong period of analysis, slightly above the US’ 83% average.[/quotesright]

When you read the full article, you’ll find a great deal more information on which industries have above and below average delivery rates along with data on delivery rates in different regions of the world.

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- Courtesy of Marketing Charts