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LiveIntentForrester Most Valuable B2C Customer Identification Data June2017 largeEmail marketing is consistently said to be the most effective digital tactic, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that B2C decision-makers are more likely to see customers’ email addresses as valuable than their phone numbers or social logins. That’s the view of more than 100 US B2C marketing/advertising decision-makers at director-level or above surveyed by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LiveIntent.

(Email is also highly valued in the B2B world – though as this study shows, it may have more limited value due to high persona churn rates.)

One of the reasons – per the report’s authors – that email is more valuable than, say, an IP address is that it’s deterministic, being linked to an individual as opposed to a device or household. Moreover, as the report notes, “email registrations tie customer activity together across a customer’s entire digital footprint.” 6/15/2017

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