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  • 123rf17397653 largeAre you wondering why your employees aren't performing to their potential?
  • Are you frustrated with your staff's apparent lack of direction or engagement?
  • Have you tried to motivate your team to reach goals, without much success?

Struggling with difficult employees can be a major obstacle for business owners.

Struggling with difficult employees can be a major obstacle for business owners. Not only does it cost time, it can also affect profitability and production.If you are fed up with dealing with difficult employees read on, this will be a game changer for you – and them.

With the help of a simple program that relies on the DISC personality assessment, you can learn how to use each person's strengths to build a winning team.The DISC personality assessment is your key to success!

Why You Should Try the DISC Personality Assessment

If you feel like you've tried everything, and nothing seems to work, you may be wondering why you should try the DISC personality assessment.You might be thinking, "How can this be so different than any of the things that I've tried in the past?"

To answer that important questions we've put together a list of 8 reasons why you should try the DISC personality assessment. After reading our list, we think you'll see how this is different than anything you might have tried before. That's why it really works!

1. You get clearer insights into yourself and others. The tti disc largeDISC personality assessment is a dramatically different tool that gives you a clearer understanding of yourself and your employees. This can then be used to understand your behaviors and motivators, as well as those of your employees.

2. DISC defines each person’s unique personality traits. DISC stands for the 4 personality traits, which are measured by the assessment: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.DISC profiles are not pigeonholes but represent a continuum along a scale. Everyone who takes the assessment will have one or two of these traits predominate to greater degrees while other traits will rank lower. It is the combination of these scales that reveals how each person, according to their personality, differs in behaviors and motives.

3. Empowers you to place people where they are the most effective. Once you understand your employees' behaviors and motivators on a deeper level, then you can begin to see why they may or may not be performing well in their current role.

You can now begin to modify the roles of your staff members to fit their personality. When people are placed in roles where their unique personality traits can be used as an asset, they tend to be most effective.

Why Communication Fails

We all think others see the world, hold personal values, and think and communicate like we do. They don’t. By understanding the different communication styles and personality traits that DISC reveals, it revolutionizes your ability to communicate with and understand others.

Failing to understand and account for these differences, it’s like others are listening on FM while you are broadcasting on AM. With DISC, you’ll know almost immediately how to communicate clearly with employees and hear what they are telling you. More importantly, you’ll find you suddenly become a super communicator so they get what you’re saying!

4. DISC fosters communication. Understanding your employees' personality profiles helps you to understand the best way to approach communication. Sharing your DISC profile will help them to communicate more effectively with you as well.

Some people respond best to clear and direct instruction. Others may be motivated by words of encouragement along the way.

When you know how to communicate with your employees, based on what works best for the individual, you can approach each one in a manner that fits their communication style.You may still have times when toes get stepped on, or misunderstandings occur. However, by applying the information that you learn from the DISC personality assessment, these occurrences are likely to happen less often.

Plus, when they do, it will be easier to address any issues that may arise.

DISC Reveals What Motivates an Employee

DISC provides insight into the motivating factors of each employee. Different situations are terribly de-motivating and stressful for one person yet highly motivating and rewarding for another. For example, different people thrive or die in situations like:

  • Being in charge, having to make things happen, making decisions,
  • Feeling they have a connection to the person they are talking with,
  • Having predictability, careful planning so there are no surprises, and
  • Dealing with facts, being detailed, having prese instructions and feeling they understand all the factors before starting to work on something.

Failing to know these motivating factors means you may have problems with employees simply because you are driving square pegs into round holes.

123rf29427690 large5. You can identify what drives employees. Not only can you identify what motivates your employees, you can place them in roles where they are likely to be happy and self-motivated.

This offers employees a better opportunity to be successful in their role.

This offers employees a better opportunity to be successful in their role. It also helps you to design a formula that facilitates the overall success of the company.

6. Workplace morale improves. When you better understand your employees and they have a better understanding of you, it helps to ease tension and creates a more comfortable environment.

This is especially true if you restructure your employees’ roles to fit their personality type. When people can do what they do best, they tend to have a more positive outlook, be more engaged and contribute more.

Understanding DISC Is Also
Your Key to Sales Success

DISC is not just for employees, it’s a powerful sales and marketing tool that will help your team close more deals. A variation of DISC called Sales DISC will help you select salespeople who will succeed. If you’d like to know more about this topic, we should talk. Call or email to learn how we can increase your close rate. USA: 877.433.6225

7. Productivity is enhanced. Likewise, when people are operating in their natural roles, where their gifts can be best utilized, they will be more productive.

Employees tend to appreciate feeling a part of the bigger picture. The personality assessment helps them to see their part.When your employees' productivity is enhanced, the productivity of the business improves as well.

8. You gain influence with others. Another benefit of the DISC personality assessment is that it reveals your influencing style. It also shows you how it can be used to influence others most effectively.

By employing the best use of your influence, you can maximize your persuasion skills.

By employing the best use of your influence, you can maximize your persuasion skills. You can even become a more influential leader that employees can depend upon.

You'll find that your relationships with employees improve, trust is deepened, and people become more fulfilled in their roles.

After the assessment, you will see how these benefits contribute to a greater overall success for your business.

Not only will your employees feel more motivated and understood, but you will enjoy a newfound clarity and self-awareness. You will be able to develop more meaningful relationships with your employees. You will even find that sharing your results will help them learn to understand and communicate better with you.

You'll find that the insights gained about yourself will help you in your personal life.

You'll find that the insights gained about yourself will help you in your personal life. You can apply what you learn to relationships that extend beyond the workplace, improving your dynamic with family, friends, and colleagues.

Put the DISC personality assessment to work for you!

Are you ready to try something different, something that has the potential to offer valuable, life-changing benefits?Contact us today to find out more about how the personality assessment can work for you! USA: 877.433.6225