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BoominG Economy Needs Coach Even More

Why Hiring a Business Growth Consultant is Essential Especially in a Booming Economy

Even in a flourishing economy, hiring a business growth consultant can provide significant benefits. These professionals can help you maintain focus, bring objectivity to your strategies, save money, and maximize the effectiveness of your team. With over 33.3 million businesses in the US alone, growth is a universal goal that requires careful planning and execution. So just how does a business growth professional help your company reach your vision and goals?
Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership: Navigating Long-Term Organizational Success

It’s easy to casually toss around a term like “strategic leadership,” but what does it really mean and how do you achieve it? In this concise guide, we give you the critical insights you need into how communication, the balance between immediate demands and long-term objectives, and the ideal company culture come together in successful strategic leadership. Like the song says, “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!”
sell your business

Selling Your Business: What Is a Business Buyer Looking for and the Role of Positioning and Due Diligence in Closing the Deal?

There are years of personal dedication and mountains of money on the line when you put your business up for sale. Only the fully prepared get top dollar for their companies. Sadly, some will never be able to sell their company. To make sure you’re included in that elite group, carefully read, internalize, and act on the information we provide in this point-by-point guide to preparing and positioning your business for sale.
battling outsider syndrome in family business

Battling ‘Outsider Syndrome’ in the Family Business

Family businesses can be a blessing for family members and at the same time appeal mightily to customers. (That’s why we see so many signs and ads that say something like, “Family owned since 1970!”) However, if not properly managed, they can be a curse to nonfamily member employees. Discover the pitfalls of a family-owned business and the solutions you need to put in place. And as a bonus, take our short quiz to impartially judge your performance and plan your next steps.
Conversations With Lou Tice

Conversations With Lou – Wisdom You Can Use and Change The Future

Lou Tice was an educator and coach. Along with his wife Diane Tice, they co-founded the Pacific Institute, an organization dedicated to performance improvement and professional development. His work often revolved around the concepts of self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership. This is the first article of a series of my thoughts around a Conversation between Lou Tice if he were still with us, and me, Coach Phil, on how beliefs shape human behavior and perception.
employee engagement plan 400x400

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Employee Engagement Action Plan

Anyone who has been in the workforce for more than a few days has encountered the “disengaged employee.” We don’t blame the employee; the responsibility of keeping employees engaged falls on ownership and management. With the five steps detailed here, you can put your team on a path to greater engagement and with it, greater growth and profits.
Effective Talent Development 400x279

How Effective Talent Development Strategies Can Transform Your Company and Attract The Talent You Want

We talk to so many business owners today who find themselves spending far too much time searching for talent. The best way to break this unproductive cycle is to design and implement an effective talent development strategy. Moreover, the benefits stretch much further than you can imagine. Discover them today.
Limiting Beliefs ARE NOT Facts 400x400

Conversations with Lou – Expanding the Conversation on the Power of Beliefs

Lou Tice was an innovative, important, and influential educator and coach. He firmly believed that we become what we think about most of the time, and his teachings centered around using our thoughts to shape a better reality for ourselves. In this series of imagined conversations, we explain and examine his ideas and how they can empower change and success in our lives and livelihoods.
business ethics 400x400

Why Entrepreneurs Must Adhere to Ethical Marketing Practices

Sadly, today’s powerful computers and software have given businesses a myriad of ways to create unethical advertising and online content. At the same time, the prominence of data collection has opened a Pandora’s box of potential security missteps and invasive privacy intrusions. The result? Establishing and maintaining your reputation as an ethical company is facing many new challenges. What are the issues and what guidance do you need to achieve and maintain a stellar ethical reputation with your customers? Get the answer in the full article.