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Why the Best Workers Are Not Always the Best Managers

We’ve all seen the nightmares that can result when a top employee not suitable for management is promoted to a leadership position. You can end up losing the top employee, as well as others on the team…to say nothing of lost productivity and the hit to your company culture. But how can you tell who will succeed and who will create a tsunami of ill will? Invest a few minutes perusing this article to get the insights you need and map out the steps you must to take to make your next promotion from within a winning one.
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4 Ways to Grow Your Business During an Economic Downturn

The economic future looks cloudy at best and at worst we’re already in a recession. Tough times winnow out the weak players and those who act too slowly. If you focus on the four strategic areas outlined in this primer to success in recessionary times, you can grow while your competitors are struggling to stay afloat.
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Use Key Performance Indicators to Run Your Business the Easy Way

In this article we walk you through the essentials, starting with business plan tips and then going into both the mechanics and implementation of KPIs that will drive your success.
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Don't Be Boring: 9 Powerful Presentation Tips to Keep Your Audience Enthralled

With competition from memes, videos, gifs, and all the other forms of media that bombard us every day, it’s getting harder and harder to make a lasting impression…especially when you have to stand and deliver in front of a business audience. Whether you consider yourself a masterful talker or you suffer unbearable stage fright, the nine tips we share with you in this article will put you on the road to presentation rockstar.
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Every Master Was Once a Disaster…

Would you like to know what your saboteurs are, those nagging, low-achieving voices we all have in our heads? If you do, you’ll want to take the free assessment featured in this article. And once you know what’s holding you back, we think you’ll want to also know how you can become a “master.”
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Don’t be Afraid - 5 Strategies for Confidently Dealing with Conflict in Your Workplace Right Now

Workplace conflicts can hurt businesses on almost every level: productivity goes down, job satisfaction can plummet, and turnover may increase, just to list some of the problems caused by conflict. Good leaders don’t ignore conflict; they have a plan and work their plan. With the five strategies detailed here, you’ll be well on your way to successfully handling workplace conflict.
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Learn How to Manage People Effectively…at any level!

The idea of a “natural born leader” works better in TV docudramas than it does in the workplace. We all need to learn and constantly brush up on the basic skills needed to effectively manage people. We give you both the “whys” and the “hows” in this concise essay. Print it out, keep it in your top drawer, and refer to it every couple of months to maintain your mastery of the fundamentals.
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Don't Make the Fatal Mistake of Not Using Storytelling in Your Marketing or Your Audience Will Forget Your Message Almost Immediately

Just as a good story will create a best-selling book, a good story can create a top-selling product or service. Unlike dry, strictly informational pieces, stories can engage and spark the customer’s imagination while simultaneously relaying information about your product, service, or company. There are special ways to use and construct the stories that will breathe life (and sales) into your marketing. Make sure you take advantage of all of them described here.
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Make an Amazing Business Presentation: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Audience Hooked and Engaged

Being recognized as one of the top presenters in your industry is one of the best ways to move your career forward. But let’s face it, few of us are naturals. However, if you follow the five top tips explained in detail here, you will soon be counting yourself among the elite
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Is it time to hire a CFO? How can you tell? Are there other options than hiring?

Accurate and timely financial reporting is absolutely vital to success in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace. This often stretches legacy financial systems and personnel beyond their limits. Bringing a chief financial officer on board can solve the problems, but small business owners often balk at the idea due to the cost. However, there are ways to make sound financial reporting affordable…as we reveal in this article.