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How to Communicate Clearly with Any Personality Style

We don’t have to tell you that some personalities clash – that’s painfully obvious to everyone involved. Somewhat less apparent is the miscommunication between personality types. Solving these problems starts with understanding the fundamental styles of personalities you have in your workplace. This article will show you two ways to use personality types and style and make a big improvement in this common problem.
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Stay at the Top by Recognizing These Warning Signs of Decline

It makes national headlines with major corporations go under. The death of a small business doesn’t receive similar attention – but they often fail for the same reasons. In this article we look at the five tell-tale stages of business death and how to turn things around. A sixth stage might be skipping this article…
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Focused on the Future: The Secrets to Employee Engagement, Innovation and Long-Term Financial Success

Change is hard and innovation even harder but staying focused on the future is essential for survival according to Deloitte Best Managed Companies in 2018. Canadian and other companies headed for success are pushing the boundaries and making bold decisions to boost their participation in the global economy and increase their competitive advantage. What actions should you be taking right now to ensure your ongoing existence? These three areas are the critical ones:
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How to Create a Strategic Plan You Believe in and Follow

Strategic planning, company culture, and success – both long and short term – are inextricably entwined. Making them all come together in harmony to achieve the maximum benefit for you company can be a delicate process. Unfortunately, many companies approach the process incorrectly and end up with a plan that disappears in a desk drawer within two weeks of starting. It starts with the right approach to creating your strategic plan. In this article we take you through the sensible steps required to turn your plan into a driving force so your team works to achieve it as hard as you do.
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Everyone wants to own a Business, only 6% ever will. What are they missing?

Shakespeare nailed the dilemma of the business owner in King Henry IV when the king declares, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” You personally know the long hours, the loneliness, and the burden of being responsible for the wellbeing of others. However, there is a way to relieve the stress and insure greater success for your company. You just need to know the leadership secret used by many of the top performing business owners and executives…
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How to Get More Sales with The Ancient Art of Persuasion

Yes, you must build trust and be likeable. Yes, you must have the right solution to your prospect’s problem. Yes, your price point needs to be on target. But even when all those pieces are in place, you still need to leverage the Art of Persuasion to close the sale. And that’s why you need to read this growth hack so you learn more about a core success skill.
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Is the Performance Review a Dinosaur in Today’s Workplace?

When the dinosaurs disappeared, their place in the ecosystem was taken by creatures better adapted for success. It’s the same today with the traditional “performance review.” Attitudes are changing, the workforce is evolving, and the strategies required for success in today’s business ecosystem are charging ahead. If you don’t take a more savvy and modern approach working with your team, your ability to complete will be severely threatened. Understand the principles and the strategies that are empowering today’s best companies to stay at the top of their game.
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5 Things You Can Do to Attract More Customers and Close More Deals

The year end is rapidly closing in on us. Are you doing everything you can to end on a strong note and blow past those goals you set out for your company when you were ringing in 2018? In this article, we outline five solid strategies for increasing sales now and setting you up for a great 2019. Make sure you aren’t missing any of these tricks.
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Recommended Reading - Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

This book has been out for almost two decades but is still probably the best one I’ve seen on selling that tackles the concept of intangibility. Let’s face it, there’s been a shift in the overall economy over the past few decades where we’ve moved from manufacturing to more and more services, so understanding intangibles is becoming increasingly important. Beckwith has taken a fairly complex topic and broken it down into dozens of short pithy chapters filled with ideas, insights and examples of the best ways to give the invisible substance. This is one of the first books to approach this topic and it still provides great value for the reader. Not much more to say about this book … pick it up, read it and apply it, you’ll be glad that you did. Available on Amazon - Recommendation by Ben Pritchett
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8 Essential Principles for Achieving Maximum Success in Your Business

Over and over again we’re told that the chances are about 50-50 for any small business to survive beyond four years. Which side of those odds does your business fall on? Are things looking grim? Is it too soon to tell? Are your uncertain? No matter what the case, the good news is that there are rock-solid, foundational principles that, when followed, can dramatically boost your ability to achieve long-term success. Check out this list and put your business on a path to lasting success and industry leadership.


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