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Remote Management Is Challenging: Creating an Effective Culture for Remote Workers

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the workplace at a speed and in ways never before experienced. We’ve seen a virtual steroid-induced reliance on remote work, which saddles management with a whole new series of obstacles to overcome. For success in this era, you need to understand and properly handle both the new interpersonal and technological demands. But not to worry, in this article we give you the insights and tools to shape a successful remote work environment and culture for your company.
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9 Fatal Negotiation Mistakes People Often Make

Negotiations are tricky and important outcomes often hang in the balance. Unfortunately, a misstep or two – even if unintentional or well meaning – can scuttle the process. Take a few minutes to go over this concise list of nine of the most common fatal negotiation mistakes. You may find a few that you have committed over the years and through the learning process transform yourself into one of your company’s top negotiators.
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6 Commonsense Management Tips

It’s a common story in business today: The best employees or most technically proficient get promoted to management and discover they don’t have the leadership skills to achieve the level of excellence that had previously experienced. Sadly, the whole organization can suffer. Do you suspect that’s you, or someone on your team? If so, we have the cure. The six fundamental and commonsense management tips revealed here will provide the leadership foundation all managers need to get the most out of their teams and themselves.
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How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success in the Midst of Pandemic

Entrepreneurs, and all owners striving for growth, are facing new and highly unusual challenges every day. Not only must the goal be to survive today, but to position yourself to thrive in the long term. Here we take a deep dive into the areas where you need to do some serious self-examination and then set in place strategies that will be successful despite today’s uncertainties. Don’t be daunted. We walk you through it step-by-step.
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5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

At some level every small business and startup owner understands that marketing is central to success, but many fail to employ a savvy strategy starting on day one. This leads to making some common – and often critical – marketing mistakes. In this article we give you the information you need to avoid five deadly marketing mistakes and leap ahead of your competitors.
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How to Re-invigorate COVID Fatigued Employees

Tired of working in isolation, afraid of losing their jobs, and living with unprecedented uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic weighs heavily on employee psyches. If business owners and managers let this malaise continue unchecked, everyone’s worst fears will be realized. So it’s high time to take action, to do everything you can to restore enthusiasm, confidence, loyalty, and productivity. Follow the advice of the noted experts who contributed to this guide and you’ll find yourself at the helm of a company that successfully and profitably rode out the pandemic.
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Take Advantage: Training, Investing in Your Team a Huge Opportunity Now

There’s no question that business conditions today are unlike any we’ve seen and that presents not only some difficult obstacles to overcome but some significant opportunities to take advantage of. The companies that best understand the areas that are ripe for improvement and make the most strategic investments will be the winners. In this concise guide we show you where and how you should be focusing your attention today.
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What You Need to Do Today - Strategic Planning for a Post COVID 19 World

The post COVID-19 business environment is just around the corner. Virtually no one was ready to deal with the pandemic, but savvy companies will be fully prepared to take advantage of business and market conditions as the pandemic wanes. Are you in that elite group? Post-pandemic success starts with effective strategic planning. Dive into this guide and grab the tips you need to come out of the COVID cloud stronger and more successful than ever before.
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How to Maximize Your Time and Be More Productive Today

If you're a business owner, you know that it often feels like there are not enough hours in the day. This can lead to an unorganized and inefficient attempt to get things done. However, if you adopt some proven principles and strategies, you can take control of your time, rack up the accomplishments, eliminate or reduce stress, and put you and your business on the road to success and greater growth. Who doesn’t need these things? Your first step is fast and easy: read this article.
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Covid-19 Constraining Growth? Speed Up Sales Fast With A Joint Venture Partner

A joint venture partnership can give your business a major boost in terms of growth, resources, revenue, knowledge, and market reach – just to list a few of a successful Joint Venture’s (JV) potential benefits. And with social distancing and person to person connections still problematic, what can you do to connect to new markets and grow? JVs could be the solution. But you need to go into a JV agreement with eyes wide open, looking for any red flags, and understanding exactly what you need to accomplish. With this article under your belt, you’ll have a virtual checklist to help you avoid any potholes or missteps and stay on the road to JV success.