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8 Sales Strategies to Increase Leads and Revenue

Are you hoping to snag a couple of sales gurus to boost your business? Are you considering slashing prices to get inventory moving? Those losing strategies. Here are eight solid sales and profit boosting strategies that are proven winners. Stop going down the same old path; start doing things that actually work not just today but in the long run too.
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Top 10 Tips for Digital Marketing any Business Can Use

Without understanding and direction, pursuing “digital marketing” can be like nailing Jell-o to a tree. In this concise article, we share our top 10 tips for giving your digital marketing campaigns the focus and targeting required to deliver the results your business needs to take it to the next level. Grab the tips now.
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How to Communicate Clearly with Any Personality Style

We don’t have to tell you that some personalities clash – that’s painfully obvious to everyone involved. Somewhat less apparent is the miscommunication between personality types. Solving these problems starts with understanding the fundamental styles of personalities you have in your workplace. This article will show you two ways to use personality types and style and make a big improvement in this common problem.
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5 Secrets to Writing Anything Better

What does Alan Greenspan’s sense of humor (or lack thereof) have to do with your ability to craft articles, sales letters, or web sites? I would tell you here and now, but then you would miss my other five secrets to writing virtually anything than you do now… Read on for the secrets to more effective writing and learn what Greenspan did that would seem so out of character with his public persona.
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Debunking the 4 Myths of Mentorship

Too many business owners and managers fail to take advantage of mentorship relationships because they’re clinging to several myths. Tragically, that mindset creates roadblocks that delays, even prevents them from realizing their true potential. It took Scott Zimmerman a while to correct his mistaken beliefs; he doesn’t want you to suffer through the same learning curve. Jumpstart your understanding of mentorship today with this revealing look at what mentorship is and is not
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Why A CRM Is Critical for Growth...Even With A Small Sales Team

If your company is small – maybe even just a few sales people – you probably think you don’t need an official customer relationship management system. You couldn’t be more wrong. There are no fewer than eight ways a CRM will boost your business and we explain them to you in this article. See if your knowledge is up to speed.
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Why Use a CRM for Customer Service - Even If You Only Have a Few Sales People?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your sales reps were greeted with open arms and hearty handshakes every time they made follow-up calls on customers? Strategic use of a customer relationship management system is fundamental to achieving this, even in a small business with only a few sales people. Discover who should be using it and what features you need to make it a game changer for sales and customer retention.
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Improving Net Profit Margins: How You Can Earn More Than Your Competitors

Do you dare to dream of becoming a multi-million-dollar company and enjoying a level of success that would make your competitors envious? To make this dream come true, you need to carefully manage and maximize a long list contributing factors. In this article, we give you eight solid strategies that will improve your margins and boost your bottom line. Don’t drop the ball on even one…
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Developing a Customer-Centric Approach in Your Business - Part I

Few – if any – companies think they are providing a poor customer experience; however, from the customers’ point of view, they vary greatly. Do you have any idea how poorly calibrated or well calibrated your perception is to that of your customer? Discover the areas where you may be tripping up in your desire to develop a customer-centric approach to your business and that are costing you money every day.
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Stay at the Top by Recognizing These Warning Signs of Decline

It makes national headlines with major corporations go under. The death of a small business doesn’t receive similar attention – but they often fail for the same reasons. In this article we look at the five tell-tale stages of business death and how to turn things around. A sixth stage might be skipping this article…


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