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Self-Coaching: Learning to Be Constructively Self-Critical

Do you yearn to be the “best version of yourself”? It’s a desire we hear a lot today and it’s important in both our business lives and personal lives. One way to achieve this great goal is through self-coaching. But all too often our internal efforts for improvement crash in a heap of painful self-criticism. With this comprehensive guide at your side, you can put the negativity behind you and make positive strides forward, realizing the successes you’ve always envisioned for yourself.
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6 Commonsense Management Tips

It’s a common story in business today: The best employees or most technically proficient get promoted to management and discover they don’t have the leadership skills to achieve the level of excellence that had previously experienced. Sadly, the whole organization can suffer. Do you suspect that’s you, or someone on your team? If so, we have the cure. The six fundamental and commonsense management tips revealed here will provide the leadership foundation all managers need to get the most out of their teams and themselves.
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5 Top Reasons Business Change Fails

This month we start a three-part series that focuses on change. There are two facts about change in business that we all know firsthand: 1) To succeed today, businesses must change and 2) implementing change often seems difficult if not impossible. In our first installment, we show you exactly why business change often fails and with that knowledge under your belt, you’ll be positioned for successful change in your company.
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End Griping and Attitude Problems: 10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity

There are “Now Hiring” signs up everywhere. Finally! That makes it more important than ever to maintain your team and to achieve that you must have a workplace that cultivates high employee engagement and satisfaction. However, that’s easier said than done. That’s why we’re giving you these 10 proven ways to increase engagement and productivity. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all 10!

Managers Minute - How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace

The old saying about conflict is that “it takes two to tango.” Virtually every company employs more than two, so the old conflict tango is inevitable and if not handled wisely, it can have serious negative repercussions. On the other hand, some conflict can lead to creativity and growth. The smart manager recognizes the differences and knows how to handle each. Is that you? Check out the guidelines and guidance in this Manager’s Minute and be ready to act the next time conflict hits your team.

Coach’s Corner - Four Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged and Productive

Business professionals spent decades developing and discussing management principles for traditional work environments and then, seemingly overnight, they pulled rug from under our feet with the COVID pandemic and the ensuing explosion in remote work. But not to worry. We recognize and understand the challenges of remote working and in this Coach’s Corner we give you four solid ways to keep your crew engaged, productive, and loyal.
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What to Look for in Venture Capital Funding

As companies look for funding to propel a strong rebound off the economic lows of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are turning to venture capital. But VC is a universe unto itself and unless you know the rules and routines, you’re doomed to failure. And even if you do get VC funding, if you’re hooked up to the wrong VCs, you’re in for a world of hurt. Warning: Do not wander into the realm of venture capital without first reading this insightful and practical overview.
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Why Do You Crumple Under the Pressure of Conflict? Three Areas to Improve

Conflict is inevitable, both at work and at home. Should you avoid conflict, or enter into every conflict with the goal of coming out on top? Or is there way to look at conflict differently that would assure outcomes that offer greater benefits for everyone involved in the conflict? The answer is yes and we both explain and reveal it here.
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How to End Unproductive Employees - Get Higher Returns on Your Employee Investment (ROEI)

You can sell the best product or provide the best service, but if your offerings aren’t backed up by a savvy and motivated staff, you’ll never reach your company’s potential for growth and profitability. In fact, your company could even fail. The key is to make the smartest and most cost-effective investments in your staff. But what are they? In this article we lay out proven strategies to transform your employees into a creative and loyal dream team.
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How to Raise Prices and Keep Your Customers Happy

The cost of doing business goes up every year and many economists believe higher rates of inflation are going to stick around for a while. Stagnant pricing is a sure-fire path to failure, but many owners and managers fear boosting prices. We’re here to say, “Fear not!” Raising your prices, when done properly, will improve your profits, enhance your industry position, and can even pull in new markets. The key is having the right strategy in place and that’s what you’ll have if you follow the advice in this guide.