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Overcoming Small Business Challenges: Top Issues Faced by Entrepreneurs and How to Fix Them

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to overcome common business challenges? If so, you're not alone. Every entrepreneur faces obstacles, but some are more common than others. In this article, we'll identify the most common problems entrepreneurs encounter and provide ways to overcome them. Some of the challenges we'll cover include: Financial struggles Work-life balance Slow growth Customer retention Unclear priorities Productivity Talent issues Read on to find out how to identify each problem and the ways to eliminate it.
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Leadership Tips: How to Become a Better Leader

One of the most powerful and easiest tools to use in business is the classic “check list.” Consider the tips in this short read something of a checklist against which you can measure your status as a leader and immediately reveal the areas where you need to improve. And, if you need a helping hand to make yourself a better leader, we have you covered there too.
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Do You Have a Vision of Success? The 6 Things You Must Have for a Successful Business

Have you ever devoted hours to completing a difficult jigsaw puzzle only to discover at the very end that you’re missing a piece? It’s a huge letdown but it won’t ruin you financially. However, if you’re missing a critical piece of the puzzle that makes a business successful, the outcome can be very expensive, if not disastrous. Use this article as a way to step back, look at what you’re doing, and see if you’re missing any of the important pieces.
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2023 Predictions: A Positive Employee Experience as a Game Changer for HR

Virtually every HR professional knows how difficult it has been finding and hiring the right talent over the last few years. This isn’t going to ease up and the result is a market that favors the job candidate…and the employee considering a change. Forewarned is forearmed so here we take all the most likely trends, explain them, and give you the strategies you need to win the race in the hiring pool and employee retention game.
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Knowledge is Profit: How Understanding Your Target Audience Fuels Success

The more intimately you understand your customers, the greater your business will thrive. Many owners and managers think that gathering customer demographics is all they need. They are badly mistaken. In this article, we take a deep dive into which aspects of your customers you must understand and adapt to. Take these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an industry leader.
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Empower Your Team: Create a More Accountable and Productive Workplace with These 4 Steps

Sadly, accountability in some workplaces means watching employees like a hawk and pointing out every little mistake. Actually, when properly implemented, successful accountability is just the opposite: It’s giving team members the power, knowledge, and tools to be self-accountable for their work. Follow these four steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating an empowered, positive, and highly productive accountable workforce.
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So, You Want to Attract Top Talent for Your Company? Discover the Secrets that Pay for Themselves, Boost Retention, Grow Your Business

You can probably identify some companies that seem to be more successful than yours. In fact, maybe some of your team members secretly want to get over to one of these companies. Do you know what they’re doing differently? We reveal five top strategies that make industry leading companies so successful.
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Small Business Owners Beware: The 6 Common Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

Advertising can make or break your business, but in the digital age, the seemingly endless choices of ad platforms and channels are extremely difficult to successfully navigate. A few false moves and you’re teetering on financial failure. Complete with case studies, we show you what to do and what to avoid as you’re building your brand and advertising framework.
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Attention Procrastinators: Here’s A Simple Solution To Get Organized And Complete More Than Ever Before

One of the best ways to boost productivity and minimize burnout is to get out of your rut try something new. For many top performers, practicing the Pomodoro Technique has been that new thing. We give you everything you need to know in this article. And, if it turns out you’re doing the kind of work where Pomodoro isn’t a good fit, we show you an alternative time/productivity system that will do the job.