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Sales Training: A Cost or an Investment?

This deep dive into the results of a recent in-depth study of the relationship between training and sales delivers some interesting – and potentially profitable – insights. How does your organization stack up against similar companies in leveraging the effective training tools available for you to deploy today? Need to up your game?
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How to Deal with Difficult People in Business and in Life!

Difficult people. They can make life miserable and stand in the way of progress at your company. Yet despite the fact that there are difficult people everywhere, they don’t need to get you down, rile up your employees, or keep you from doing your job and achieving your goals. You need to understand their motivations and how to effectively dial down their “degree of difficulty” to a manageable level. If this sounds like information you need, check out the insights, strategies, and secrets revealed here.
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All in the Family: 10 Unique Problems Family-Owned Businesses Face and How to Overcome Them

Family-owned businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. They provide economic growth and job security. However, they also present the family members with a unique set of challenges. Here we explain 10 of the most common land mines that can damage your business as well as your relationships and give you the guidance you need to keep your both your business and family ties healthy.
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Leadership: Overcome FOMO and "Shiny Object Syndrome"

With today’s technologies and innovative business ideas, the potential for success is unlimited. But at the same time, the potential for failure due to the inability to focus and eliminate distractions is also virtually unlimited. Don’t be a victim; become the unstoppable leader of your dreams. We dissect the problems here and offer 11 proven techniques to make you the leader others want to follow.
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8 Things That Keep You Up at Night and How to Keep Them from Hurting Your Business

Fear can paralyze you, and for the business owner or entrepreneur, paralysis is perilous. To overcome the fears that grip you, you need to understand where they come from and how to cope with them. Ultimately, you can turn many of those fears into positive, motivational, forces that push your business forward. Want to sleep better at night and take control of your situation?
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5 Ways Today’s Small Business Owners Can Immediately Stop Wasting Time and Be More Productive

Blogs and business magazines are filled with productivity tips – so many, in fact, that many professionals don’t know where to start and they never overcome their unproductive routines. That’s why we have carefully curated the five best – and universally applicable – ways you can squeeze the wasted time out of your and your employees’ workday. Implement these tips and your entire team will get more done, be happier at work, and your company will be perfectly positioned for growth.
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Is Email Dead?

If you’re old enough, you remember the excitement when you heard the incoming ding of your email program or AOL’s famous “You’ve got mail!” alert. It’s the opposite today; now we’re working hard to keep email out of our in boxes. That’s caused some to think that email marketing is dead. Good news: It’s not…at least for those of us who are doing it right. Are you doing it right? Check yourself against these best practices and give your email marketing a timely tune up.
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7 Tips to Understanding Human Behavior That Will Making Your Sales Skyrocket

While artificial intelligence and robotics are playing major roles in the world today, it’s humans who make all the buying decisions. And, when you understand the motivational factors that push people to buy, you can use them to your great advantage. In this must-read article we run down the seven most important insights that will propel your sales to new heights.
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3 Things That Can Build Future Business Value

Many business owners find that there’s a certain point at which they don’t know how to grow the business any larger; the business plateaus. Plateaus can create big challenges for owners who will one day rely on selling or transferring their ownership to fund their post-exit lives. What can you do to help yourself overcome these plateaus? Get the answers in this article.
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Surge and Soar: 8 Smart Ways to Increase Your Business's Profit Margin in 2019

To keep a fire going and make it grow, you need more fuel. It’s the same with your business, and in the case of your company, profits provide the fuel. Make 2019 the year when you stoke the fire with a big boost in profits. However, wishful thinking won’t get the job done. You need solid, actionable strategies and tactics – like the ones we reveal here.


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