Would it surprise you to know that when a company offers an organized orientation program, new employees are 69 percent more likely to remain with that company for a minimum of three years? And did you know an additional 88 percent of employees feel their company has an insufficient onboarding process for new hires?

Are you looking to improve employee productivity? Employees benefit from readily available training programs, a strong onboarding program, opportunities to connect with colleagues, and learning about the company and its culture, mission and vision. The key is using these factors in tandem to increase employee engagement.

This helpful guide explains how you can boost employee productivity while creating a work environment in which people can grow and thrive.

Implement an Effective Onboarding Program

It's reported that, after an employee's first month of work, only 37 percent of companies continue onboarding programs. To improve productivity, you need to ensure your onboarding program consists of feedback and easily accessible support. You should also include an array of training programs.

An effective employee orientation process should encourage employee relationships. They should feature a strong, navigable network with opportunities for employee engagement, including learning about – and from – one another.

Eliminate Micromanaging

Micromanaging remains a misconception where employee productivity is concerned. This antiquated practice is linked to decreased productivity, increased employee turnover, and lowering morale.

If you're looking to secure employee happiness, it's advisable to trust employees to successfully complete the tasks assigned to them and where managers act as coaches and facilitators so the employee learns and can take pride in a job well done.

To make this work, you’ll need to train your managers how to coach and facilitate more than tell. Your job is to make certain employees feel free to check back with their manager as needed without any problems. Some managers telegraph “Don’t bother me” so stomp out that behavior right away.

You’ll also need to make sure your tasks have clear requirements and a way of ensuring the work is done correctly. By allowing employees to complete tasks independently, you’ll enjoy higher productivity, have happier bosses, and promote employee job satisfaction and wellbeing.

Welcome Feedback

Feedback is beneficial for employees and employers alike. It positively impacts employee productivity. Would you be amazed that a staggering 65 percent of employees are in search of more feedback?

Companies that provide regular feedback to employees experience lower turnover rates by 14.9 percent, compared to organizations that don't provide employees with feedback.

Most of the 40 percent of employees that receive little – if any – feedback report feeling detached from their work. That is 40 percent of your workforce!

Create an environment where your employees feel comfortable sharing their views on the workplace, company culture, and more. Use this baseline to compare productivity levels as additional productivity policies are created. If you want to find the “dumb stuff we do and how can we do this better” just ask the people doing the work!

Consider the Whole Person

When hiring the best employees, don't hire someone based solely on their education and job experience. Instead, look for prospective employees that share the same motivations, beliefs, ethics, and code of conduct as your business.

When you're on the same page as employees, you have a greater chance of employee retention and increased employee productivity. If you’d like to know more about how today’s professional employee assessments can take most of the guesswork out of hiring the right person the first time, get in touch. We are experts and have a wide range of tools to help minimize costly hires that do not work out.

Recognize Your Employees

Employees benefit from recognition in the workplace. It shows them you value their contributions to the company and recognize the great work they're doing.

You can send an email sharing your team member's accomplishments, especially when they complete an important job. However, you can also share your employee's achievements when they accomplish something small. The goal is to celebrate your employees' success and share this with others.

Improve Employee Productivity Today

Employee productivity should be cultivated from day one. Establish a company culture rife with training opportunities and chances to positively engage with other employees. Provide frequent feedback and create open lines of communication in a way that makes employees feel valued and secure.

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