10704372-Sales Resistance-LargeIn the sales world, there is often resistance from the people we are meeting, they resist what they may not understand. I do this myself, whether it’s a product or service or if it’s on a more personal note like where to eat or a project on the honey-do list.

Until I understand the WIIFM - What’s In It For Me – I, like most others, will resist or object to the decision or want to act on it in a different way. The good thing to know is that the resistance or objection is actually a good thing: without it isn’t likely there will be a sale of any kind.

If people go along with what we have to offer, they most likely aren’t in a position to buy what we have. On the other hand [quotes]when they are resisting or objecting, this often is an indication that they could be very interested in what we talking about[/quotes] but need evidence that would support our claims. It's like a court where lawyers present their side of the case with evidence; they make a claim about their case and back it up with proof.

The reason that they do this and why we as sales professionals need to is [quotesright]without the evidence, anything we say is a claim which doesn’t carry very much weight[/quotesright] for building a strong case for the value we have to offer.

There is a way to help you create a compelling case for your products and services that DEFEATS any resistance or objections you may come across. It’s very easy to remember even in the stress of the sales process when you are out in the field engaging with a variety of prospects and customers. This has been tried and tested in many courtrooms around the world by the legal community for many decades.

I have been a fan of DEFEATS for 30-plus years as a sales professional because [quotes]it helps provide a solid presentation of factual information in a way that allows buyers to become educated and feel confident in their decision[/quotes] to engage with your offer. I want you to have this proven strategy to support your efforts in the profession of selling.

defeats-sales-6848D. Demonstrate the benefits and value of your products and services. This allows your prospects and customers to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell the benefits. It really engages their senses. Not all senses are activated with everything that we may have to offer. Some of you may think that smell isn’t applicable and in some cases that’s true. However, a baker can leverage the scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns and the new car sales rep can leverage the intoxicating smell of a new car leather.

E. Examples of the successful use of your product or service. With examples, you can support the benefits that you have claimed by offering proof of the results being enjoyed by other customers. This will aid you in making your presentations interesting and engaging to your prospects; it gets them leaning in!

F. Facts, not claims, will provide substance to your offering turning a perceived claim that you have made into irrefutable evidence to support your product and service. This could be supported in a variety of ways, a third party white paper, industry document, a magazine article on your offerings, and the benefits, for example.

E. Exhibit is a simple and easy way to support your claim by way of samples of what you have available. Prospects can experience the texture, colors, effectiveness, and many more seemingly intangible aspects of your product.

A. Analogy. Here’s a great way to use storytelling to paint word pictures of your prospects or clients enjoying the many benefits that your products or services offer.  

T. Testimonials from clients that have enjoyed the benefits of your product or services, written in a letter, a post on your website, or on other social media sites where you are active. Also, web videos are a very effective way to have others tell about their great experiences.

S. Statistics from your industry or your company by way of an article, or a white paper that details the value proposition and the gains that have been achieved by your clients.

[quotesright]High achieving sales professionals prepare well in advance, they are organized from the start of the sales conversation and throughout the entire sales process including the presentation and handling of the objections. [/quotesright] Within their presentation material they would have a portfolio either in a paper or digital format with several supporting documents in each of the DEFEATS areas.

Take Away

Invest your time and energy by rehearsing your conversation from start to finish including preparing your own DEFEATS examples and making them yours. By doing so [quotes]you’ll separate yourself from the mediocre and jump into the small percentage of high achieving sales professionals[/quotes] who are making a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve and who are enjoying an abundant lifestyle.

-          By FocalPoint Coach Phil Gilkes, Calgary, AB. 587-351-3500 Email