Here Are Some Ideas

1. Personalized Writing/stationery Set 

Although company notepads are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about luxury, they come in handy in almost every setting, from the office to the home.

Notepads and pens are just plain practical, making them a sensible gift choice if you want to gift something that your clients can use on a daily basis.

The best thing about stationery as gifts for clients is that writing sets can be anything from classical and ornate to modern and functional. You can also personalize stationery sets to contain anything from the basics like a notepad and pen combo to a calligraphy set complete with inkwell and wax seals.

2. A Box of Artisanal Chocolates 

Anything handmade is one way to tell your loyal clients that they are valued and appreciated because handmade gifts are 100% unique.

Pretty much everybody loves chocolate, making artisan chocolate boxes the perfect gift for your loyal clients.

The best thing about using artisanal sweets as corporate gifts is that this is a great way to partner with local small businesses and source from them. You're not only giving out unique and high-value corporate gifts, but you're helping other businesses as well.

3. Sustainable Merchandise

Anything made by a sustainable enterprise, such as bags made from recycled ocean waste or furniture made from recycled plastic, can serve as a unique gift that your client won't be embarrassed to show off.

Sustainability is a big draw for old and new customers alike. By gifting eco-friendly and sustainable items, you are showing customers that your company's commitment to sustainable goals is more than just lip service.

Another good thing about sustainable merchandise is that you can usually easily personalize them with company logos as well as the names of the recipients for a personal touch.

4. Charity Donation in the Client's Name

Charity donations in your clients' names may be intangible, but they can produce concrete and tangible results. Not only are they thoughtful gifts, but they are also another way for the company to give back to the community.

If your company is engaged and involved in helping develop communities, this can only help boost your credibility among old and new customers.

5. Gift Hampers 

Gift hampers can be anything from a cheese set to a relaxing collection of home spa essentials. Better yet, you can include company merchandise for a customized company hamper gift set that includes T-shirts, caps, stationery, and travel mugs.

Corporate hampers are a good way to keep in touch, introduce customers to your upgraded brand design and colors, or just surprise customers with a box full of goodies.

Show You Value The Relationship and Their Business

There are so many options you can use to show appreciation for your loyal customers and clients. Show your clients and customers that you value their business with unique, personal, and thoughtful gift ideas.