123rf24030625-largeWhat can you learn about overcoming any obstacle in business or life from the way elite SEAL teams think and are trained? Sun Tzu, in his “The Art of War,” has inspired many business strategies and influenced strategic thinking in the military and in the boardroom.

SEAL Teams can also teach you how to overcome any barrier to success. Use their proven thinking and ways of confronting problems and transform your success.

  1. Passion and devotion. Warriors have total passion and act wholeheartedly because they have a crystal clear focus on their purpose to the point of being ready to die for that purpose.

    When you don't have a purpose, you won't do the things that need to be done. Without a purpose in life and meaning in every action to support our purpose, you won't take the steps to do it! You will give up when you meet the slightest resistance or rejection to what you say you want.

    With purpose – a reason for our "What & Why” – you will do better and achieve what you want.
  2. Control of mind. What you think about most of the time is necessary in order to have perfect focus, or what we call “FocalPoint Focus.” In FocalPoint Focus terms, this means “end result focused,” which, when combined with determination, helps you achieve more every time and pushes your limits to the maximum.
  3. Defeat your FEARs. Understanding that FEAR (Fantasized Event Appearing Real) can be debilitating allows you to overcome your weaknesses. When you look at fear as fantasy, it is far easier to challenge yourself to do things out of your comfort zone. You confront your fears and overcome your weaknesses through discipline, drive and determination. You can improve your self-efficacy and your personal reality on a daily basis.
  4. Do not discount your subconscious, embrace it. Engage your inner subconscious mind and intuitive feelings to gain control over the inspirational moments of a genius. Practice relaxing, diaphragmatic breathing and meditation.
  5. Be positive, keep your mind filled with peaceful positive thoughts and visualize success. This helps ignore or avoid the negative feelings and thoughts that may harm you mentally. Control your self-talk, the inner voices you have, and accentuate the positive. 

    Cancel the negative. Say to yourself: Cancel! Cancel!, or STOP It! Replace it with a positive affirmation or by using “afformations” which are asking the affirmation in the form of a question. Example: The affirmation, “I am successful!” vs. the afformation, “Why am I so successful?”
  6. Be a leader. Always confront difficult situations in your life. Lead first, eat last to inspire confidence. Be on the offensive rather than holding shields in a defensive mode. Become a leader by showing the path to success to others and leading from the front. Believe that even though you have a challenge at the moment, the solution will show up. This mindset will inspire others to follow you and want to work with you.
  7. Increase your efficacy by mastering your physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual selves.
  8. In the business world, always allocate the necessary resources to high-value targets. Assess each target to determine best fit, importance, timing and simplicity.
  9. Being an elite warrior who leads will bring success in the new global business environment. Leadership is the key to rapid growth and change in a global economy. If you are not leading, your competition will be the leaders by default.

From “The Way of the SEAL,” by Mark Devine
Mark Divine's insights and experiences as a Navy SEAL demonstrate the way of the SEAL and are keys for you to achieve success in your personal and professional lives. www.sealfit.com