as52440900 i quit lgDid you know that 45 percent of employees quit their job within the first year? That is expensive. Turnover rates cost employers about 33 percent of one worker’s annual salary which translates into significant financial and productivity losses.

[quotesright]Just as it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer, it’s more expensive to hire, train, lose and have to rehire and retain a new employee.[/quotesright]

Further, the last thing any employer wants is an employee who only focuses on finishing their shift. These workers don’t feel invested in their work and often perform at the lowest acceptable level.

And never forget: A company is only as strong as its employees.

Find and retain top talent by following these 6 tips for improving your hiring process.

1. Raise Your Current Worker’s Satisfaction

This may seem like an odd first step for the employee hiring process. But, word spreads quickly when workers are very satisfied or unsatisfied in today’s social media world.

Companies that demonstrate an investment in their employees reap higher benefits. This includes increased loyalty, retention, performance, output, and revenue. Building the business’s positive employee reputation attracts higher-level applicants.

2. Develop Clear Descriptions for Advertised Jobs

On September 4, 2021, The Washington Post reported that there are more jobs than workers. Even with 10 million open positions, 8.4 million people are still looking for work. Industries have fewer candidates with prior relevant experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to change careers. This makes it key to clearly describe what your open positions entail. Those looking for a job in a new area often don’t know if they’re suited for the work.

Providing an understandable overview of the duties can increase your candidate pool. You will also increase the number of applicants with the right qualifications.

3. Develop New, Appealing Ways to Recruit Employees

In a world where businesses are competing for employees, effective recruitment is vital. Promote employee benefits such as compensation, work flexibility, and training opportunities. Target areas with individuals that meet the experiences and qualities you want.

4. Use Cutting-Edge Technological Resources

Today, there are smart recruiting software solutions to enhance your recruiting and hiring. They help you locate relevant, qualified candidates. Sources such as LinkedIn provide an online connection for employers and applicants.

[quotes]Don’t sabotage your retention efforts before you start. [/quotes]Utilize employee assessments to help select people who will have the right personality and motivations for the job. There are many widely used tools to help select the perfect fit for the job from aptitude, attitude, motivation, personality profile to coachability, trustworthiness, and safety.

Using several avenues helps you find a wider range of desirable candidates.

5. Be Transparent from the Start

When hiring employees provide clear, concise, and accurate information from the start. This develops an atmosphere of trust and keeps each parties’ expectations aligned. Discuss the job responsibilities, conditions, schedule, and other key information.

Ask the candidate what questions they have. Then give the most complete answer possible.

Beware of applicants who have no questions. This may indicate a lack of knowledge, motivation, or interest.

Creating a positive interview gives the individual a favorable impression of your company. Even if they’re not hired, there’s a greater chance they’ll speak positively to others. This may lead to a great future hire.

6. Check References

Often employers believe that checking references wastes time and isn’t truthful. After all, no one will list a negative reference. It’s still key to conduct a check to ensure they’re not lying about their experience.

Are You Working to Improve Your Hiring Process?

Developing an optimal hiring process improves business performance and reduces turnover.

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