Leadership coaching lgDid you know that three in four employees consider effective communication to be one of the most important leadership characteristics? Have you heard about empathy, humility, self-awareness, and good listening being other commonly sought-after traits in a leader?

It is critical that firms develop managers with strong leadership skills so they can enable the company to adapt to the fast-changing world of business. Leadership coaching shortens the time required to impart new skills, opens up new vistas, introduces new ways to think about doing business, and kills off those bugaboos of disengaged employees and low productivity.

We can't explicitly teach all of these qualities, but we can develop and bring out these qualities out in individuals who may not realize that they have them. Through leadership coaching, we can take once passive individuals and turn them into active performers.

Why Is Leadership Coaching Important?

Leaders are the core of every organization. If your organization doesn't have great leaders and have a plan to develop new ones, you're already behind the competition.

[quotes]It may seem frivolous to bring in a coach, but you should know that Fortune 1000 companies are investing heavily in coaching and development workshops for leaders as well as managers and employees.[/quotes] It is more essential than ever for your company, regardless of size to do so as well.

Here’s why: Small firms will gain even more benefit than large firms as leaders in smaller firms carry more responsibility for success and their impact is higher.


"The boss drives people; the leader
coaches them."
–  H. Gordon Selfridge


Leadership coaching can help you mold your best employees to become tomorrow’s leaders who will be responsible for the future profitability of your company.

With coaching, employees are going to learn new skills, new ways of thinking, new principles, and modern management techniques which are the foundation of being an excellent leader.  Investing in coaching and training results in not just the person but the entire company becoming more productive and effective.

Coaches can also help your team develop the self-motivation and self-talk that they need to get things done.

Top Five Benefits of Business Coaching

The benefits of business coaching are endless, but here are the five that rank highest on our list.

1. Empowerment. Leadership coaching can help you empower your team. Whether they're about to start a big project or they have just finished one, everyone can use a little bit of motivation to keep working and nothing motivates a team like a great leader.

Coaches can identify each person’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leadership using validated assessments. Then, training and coaching programs can be used to help each employee best leverage their strengths and improve in their weak areas.

By learning to set good goals and track progress, your team will be able to get more done in a timely manner. With a new mindset, your team will be able to find and solve problems on their own in new and innovative ways.

[quotesright]In the end, your team will be able to empower one another by working together and keeping you way ahead of the competition. [/quotesright]

2. Advancement. Coaches can also help your employees gain a new perspective on their everyday responsibilities. Thus, your team can step back and look at things differently when work isn't going right.

By learning how to uncover a problem completely and work on the underlying causes preventing progress, your team can create plans that solve long-term problems and deliver predictable results. These skills and insights give your team the confidence they can conquer similar problems in the future.

Coaches also prepare your team members for getting through bad days…you know, those days when something fails or doesn’t work out. We all have them, so we should learn how to step back and make the most of them by thinking about failure differently and taking away lessons that make them more effective in the future.

When your employees learn these kinds of skills, they can take your company further even when things aren't going well. [quotesright]All it takes is a little bit of perspective. [/quotesright]

3. Thinking. Coaching also helps employees expand their thinking patterns. But that only happens when leaders are open minded and accepting of creative tendencies.

By looking at other points of view, leaders can care for their teams and cherish each individual within them. A leader should also be able to ask tough questions, encourage alternative points of view, and guide their team to the finish line.

For employee engagement to work, leaders in your company must learn how to do this without taking over the entire process. This is a different way of thinking about managing and once learned, it returns a high ROI on every cent invested.

[quotes]Overall, business coaches can help teach your leaders to manage with excellence even when they're under pressure.[/quotes] These kinds of leadership skills don't happen overnight or serendipitously, they must be taught through group training and individual one-on-one sessions.

4. Performance. Many people think that the leader is supposed to be the one that does everything for their group. They're the ones who can do any job and take over any position.

[quotesright]Even though a leader should be able to do a wide range of things, that doesn't mean that they should be taking over at any given point. [/quotesright]

A leader is supposed to foster work and collaboration among their team. It's not the job of a leader to take all of the praise for themselves. Rather, they're helping their team get the job done so that their team members can have the praise.

After adopting these attitudes and learning these skills, your team will be able to get more done more quickly. It’s not a one-way flow, your leaders will be learning from those around them. Result, you'll have a more knowledgeable and profitable staff at all levels.

Plus, with business coaching, your leaders will learn how to push the rest of your employees to do and be their best. [quotesright]With a new language of appreciation and a drive for progress, your leaders will know how to motivate even the most stubborn team members. [/quotesright]

With all of these new techniques, your leaders will bring better performance to your company. So, you can watch your sales go up and your revenue pour in as your staff becomes more educated, effective, and motivated.

5. Communication. Lastly, leadership coaching helps everyone communicate more effectively. We all know how important communication is between people and it’s especially critical to a team.

Most of us are not communicating nearly as effectively as we could. Have you ever been with someone who seemed to just not hear what you are saying? Frustrating? Yep.

Coaching teaches business leaders to understand the different styles of communication and how each style looks for and needs a specific type of communication to “break through” and be absorbed.

With a new understanding of how to communicate effectively, employees, managers, salespeople (yes, especially salespeople), and company leadership sense when their communication may be falling short and quicky adapt so their message gets through.

Business coaches teach your sales team how to communicate with people who have different personality types, ages, and more. With new skills, your leaders will be able to effectively and efficiently get their message through to people inside and outside the company.

[quotesright]That means you'll have fewer issues with miscommunication so tasks are done correctly and your team will always be on the same page. [/quotesright]

How Does Leadership Coaching Improve Company Performance?

Leadership coaching is about more than bolstering your top talent. It's also about improving your company's performance.

As you may have noticed, leadership coaching provides many resources to your leaders and those who are working under those leaders. But what can it do for your company as a whole?


There Is No Better Time to Start with Leadership Coaching than Right Now


1. Your Employees Will Have Greater Awareness

Both your leaders and your other employees will have a better sense of themselves and their places within the company. Through business coaching, your leadership will begin to understand and share self-awareness in terms of business context.

This means that each and every employee will understand their place and purpose within your business. So, you won't have employees stepping on one another's responsibilities or arguing over the next project. Rather, your team will understand what they're supposed to do. [quotesright]Thus, tasks get done faster and projects run much more smoothly. [/quotesright]

2. Your Leaders Will Have a Better Understanding of Others

With leadership coaching, the leaders within your business will better understand how others think and act. So, there isn't anger or resentment when someone makes a mistake or acts a certain way.

Rather than blame-seeking and recrimination, your leader can use these as teaching and learning opportunities so the team learns what not to do and how to better respond to similar situations in the future.

Your leaders will also learn how to redirect employees’ mental energy into more effective thoughts and actions. [quotesright]A team working together and focused on achieving a goal through collaboration and discussion is a big step in the right direction. [/quotesright]

3. Your Team Will Communicate Better

As you should know, business coaching improves communication. But it goes beyond that. How your leadership interacts with employees as individuals and communicates with them will pay dividends in recruiting and retention.

Your entire team will be able to work together to see where they are now and where they want to advance to in the future. Each employee will know that the company is helping them grow and develop and the whole company will benefit as a result.

In the end, you'll see greater employee retention, glowing online reviews of working at your company, hiring will be far easier, and the selection of candidates for a position better.

4. Your Leaders Will Be Able to Coach Others

After their experience with business coaching, your leaders will be able to help everyone else on the team. They will have picked up communication methods, coaching techniques, and more.

Your leaders will be able to find coachable moments and train your staff through them. By focusing on strengths and improving weaknesses, your entire team will become stronger. [quotesright]It'll be like having a full-time business coach running around every day, helping everyone. [/quotesright]

And, as these leaders share more and more of their knowledge, the rest of your team will learn as well. Then, you'll have more and more employees with leadership skills and hard-working qualities.

In the end, your company's performance will improve. And, you'll have a team full of motivated members.

Getting Started with Leadership Coaching

Overall, leadership coaching will absolutely transform your business. You'll have a new work environment that focuses on clear communication and achieving grand performance.

[quotesright]Moreover, you'll have the motivation and innovation that every great company needs as more and more of your employees become personally invested in the company. [/quotesright]

All you have to do is get started with leadership coaching.

A professional can help any business improve and grow and you'll be thankful you got started sooner rather than later.

There Is No Better Time to Start Than Right Now