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CensusBureau US Population Distribution by Age Group and Gender July2020 largeGen Z is an up-and-coming target audience, but marketers continue to focus a lot of energy on Millennials. Their lives are deconstructed on many different levels, from their views on influencers to the companies they talk about and their socioeconomic characteristics. Those analyses are all helpful in their own right, but – stepping back to the big picture for a moment – how many of these prized individuals are there in the US? The most recent data out from the Census Bureau gives a sense of how large this coveted generation is.

Before putting out some numbers, there are a few problems to take note of. Chiefly, there is no consensus definition of a Millennial; while 18-34 seems to be the most commonly used bracket, other studies might use an 18-29 range or some other, making it necessary to identify age ranges when referring to this cohort.

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