dreamstime3831106-largeWould you like to know how to use your past successes to increase your drive effectiveness, overcome self-doubt and achieve even greater successes in the future?

Have you have ever had a challenge accomplishing the things that you wanted to achieve?

If you’ve answered “yes,” to either of these questions, you will find this short video’s insight into the Psychology of Time Management valuable. You may discover that you are already doing many things right that you can use to leverage your past successes as a springboard to achieve more, faster, easier and with less angst than you ever imagined possible.

But there is a secret to truly taking advantage of your past successes… it's the positive perspective that time can bring.

Watch this short video by Brian Tracy. At about the 41-second mark, Brian recommends that we think about a time in our lives when we were successful and replay that over and over in our minds.


One of the strategies I was fortunate enough to learn years ago that I now talk about on a regular basis is the power of creating a list of your 100 successes or victories. I have found that by creating the list of 100 plus successes in one sitting is the most impactful.

Here’s how to apply the 100 Success List method:

  • List ALL the things that you have learned and accomplished, big, small, count them all. Start your 100-plus success list from the time you were born; think back and ask what have you learned?
  • You probably won’t be able recall the early days of your life, that’s not a problem. If you have children or grandchildren you can borrow from them. They’ll show you that you to learn to crawl, learned to stand up holding a leg of a bigger person. They will show you that they can drink out of a sippy cup just like you did. They learn to climb, to walk, to run, to speak, and they eventually pass kindergarten as you did. They pass grade one, where they learn to read, print, and develop social skills.

An example of one of my successes is when I was appointed by the coach to be the captain of my Pee Wee hockey team; It still resonates with me today as I share this with you.

  • Keep adding to your list. It doesn’t need to be in chronological order, just get them all down and don’t take anything for granted.
  • Once you have added ALL 100-plus successes to your list, enjoy how you feel and embrace that feeling.
  • Next, narrow that down to a list of your top 10 successes. These are the ones that resonate with you the most.

Refer to your “Top 10” list on a daily basis – or as often as the need arises – to help you grow into your new extraordinary self-view. This is what I call the “Flick Back – Flick Up” system of accelerating change. It’s not just mumbo jumbo, it’s got a sound basis for working.

[quotesright]Dr. Albert Bandura, a psychologist, says we tend to go through our successes too fast and take them too lightly, [/quotesright] he says we need to stop taking for granted all that we have done and will continue to do, be and learn.

I recommend you use those successes to catapult yourself past mental images that hold you back.

This strategy has, on many occasions, helped to move me from being fearful and anxious of tackling an extraordinary opportunity and turning it into a success – a new normal, a second nature, just-like-me kind of thing.

One example of where I was able to leverage the 100 Success List method was the time after moving to a new city and taking on an account that was five times larger in scope than any other previous one I had managed. I was way out of my comfort zone.

I needed help. I needed to increase my efficacy to be able to me take on the challenges. [quotes]I remember sitting in my hotel room on the weekend doubting myself, asking if I had taken on more than I could handle,[/quotes] should I throw in the towel and go back to Calgary?

Throwing in the towel and moving back wasn’t an option that I wanted to take; besides, what would others think, right? Fortunately, I had several dozen books and audio programs with me. As I dove in on the weekend and applied the material that I was studying, I was introduced to the 100 Success list. It saved me from my own self-doubts and super-charged my effectiveness.

So, I did what I’m inviting you to do: give it a go. When you give the 100 Success List Method a try you will almost effortlessly create new habits, increase your causative power and self-efficacy, and be able to add more and more successes along the way.

[quotesright]The extraordinary psychological power of this method has enabled me to turn previously unimaginably challenging opportunities into successes. [/quotesright] I made achievement of them my new normal, my new habit. I have been able to use this “Flick Back – Flick Up” method of reviewing my past successes to make the changes and growth needed to take on bigger opportunities.

Recently, I shared the same stage as Brian Tracy where I facilitated a 90-minute program for a room full of Business Coaches. Talk about pressure! These were my peers and Brian Tracy – a legendary speaker, business coach, author, and consultant – is certainly way above my grade. Did I use the 100 Success List help me get past what could have been big time anxiety and jitters? Big time! How did that opportunity work out? A number of my peers asked me how many times I had delivered the training.

My reply, “This was my first time, ever,” which prompted the reply: “Really? It sounded like you have presented this several times.”

What if you decided to give this a try, what would you dare to commit to? A new car, a new house, a cottage, a trip, business growth to double its current revenue? Think of something that you have dreamed about but haven’t taken action on then get out a piece of paper and start writing down your successes. You’ll be amazed at the results.

-        by Coach Phil Gilkes