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is852812526 onlineads lgYou bought into the promise of online advertising, but despite trying and testing everything you could think of, it has been a major fail and you’re ready to give up.

It’s a common story. But don’t worry, there’s good news: You haven’t tried or tested everything.

Not by a long shot.

Whether you’re a pay-per-click (PPC) expert trying to uncover ways to run powerful campaigns, an account manager on the lookout for fresh, new strategies or a business owner that’s trying to increase sales, there are a few, often-overlooked optimizations that can help you improve your conversion rates.

Leverage Search Impression Share

Boosting search impression share is a simple yet very effective way to push your average conversion rates up. The metrics will show the impressions percentages of your campaign (or keyword or ad group) receives, rather than the impressions numbers it was eligible for.

If you’re running high-converting campaigns with low impression share percentages, this can be like unlocking a hidden goldmine.

If you’re running high-converting campaigns with low impression share percentages, this can be like unlocking a hidden goldmine. You will want to strongly consider adding more money to help you increase your impression share as well as get the adverts you put out to get seen more often. 

Optimize Landing Page Conversion Rates

One of the more unique facets of PPC is landing page conversion rate optimization (CRO). There’s no exact “right way” to go about all this. Test success usually varies widely and is different in each case. In fact, you’ll only really know when you actually test it out for yourself. 

If you want an effective landing page, you can try placing what to some might seem like two CTA buttons. One is the true CTA button feature while the other functions to play a video. Having what seems like two CTA buttons on your landing page puts your visitors in the position of playing judge and jury on your CTA placement, design, wording, etc. Seeing the choices made, you’ll see which is the better choice.

Best case scenario, within a week or so the smaller video play button feature new variant will help increase conversion rates as opposed to having one button feature for CTA. It’s the power of testing.

Run A Branded Campaign

When you’re in a market that’s highly competitive, branded campaigns are vital for your success. If you aren’t bidding using your own identity, there’s a high chance most of your competitors are. Branded campaigns help protect brand identity from competitors and will deter them from enjoying conversions, impressions, and clicks that are meant to be yours.

If you conduct a search terms report and find that direct competitors are benefiting from your branded terms, that means lower conversion rates for you. 

Come up with brand campaigns that target your branded search terms/keywords and include the main product or service users will most likely be searching for when looking your company up. These branded campaigns are sure to increase the click-through rate (CTR), visibility, and, most importantly, conversion rates.

Try In-Market Audience Targeting

An in-market audience is a segmented audience that’s been identified as having researched, investigated, or expressed interest in buying a specific service or product.

These segments are often great additions to most accounts.

These segments are often great additions to most accounts.

Why? Because they help give you a far more granular view of the behaviors of visitors. You will be able to determine which groups usually convert higher to grow your business faster.

More importantly, an in-market audience will give you the details to know the right time and the right people to advertise to. 

You can either target or just observe these in-house market audiences, but it’s a good idea just to set them up solely for observation first until you’ve managed to gather enough valuable data.

When you notice audiences starting to perform well, gathering high impression numbers, you can either create fresh, new ad campaigns for that specific group or rethink the level of your bids and adjustment.

Add Some Negative Search Terms

Do you seem to always find yourself complaining about how you aren’t getting the lead quality you expect from certain campaigns? High costs plus unqualified leads are not something anybody wants. In fact, it often eventually leads to the pausing of that campaign. Most online advertisers today have been there at least once.

Before you pause your campaign, find out how you can effectively optimize your conversion rates from that particular ad. Identify which were the top keywords that helped generate the most conversions. You need to find out the intentions behind those converting users. 

Someone that’s searching for keyword “sponsorships” conveys sales or business intent language.

Someone that’s searching for keyword “sponsorships” conveys sales or business intent language. The intent behind people searching for “sponsors” conveys a personal or consumer intent language. 

Why Your Sales Campaigns Keep Failing

If you get very little engagement and no sales within 24 hours of running an online ad, you’ll want to look at your entire campaign process all over again. There are many things that could be the cause of why sales campaigns fail.

Review all the efforts you put into the work, beginning from the initial stages, design, and audience research all the way until the advert itself. Look for anything you missed or something you could’ve done better. For instance, ask yourself these kinds of questions:

  • Are the prices of your Teespring products to high? Consider lowering them. Also, test raising them, as well as changing them to a number ending in 97 like $19.97 instead of $19.95.
  • Does your design not suit the niche you are targeting? Review both message and overall design.
  • Do you have a good design but just happen to be targeting the wrong people?
  • Do your online ads grab the attention of your target audience?

If you’ve tested a niche with two to three different designs and still are unable to attain any viable sales or conversion rates, it might be a sign that you need to test different market niches.

If you’re a frustrated business owner looking to improve your sales and nothing is working, perhaps what’s needed is a deeper look beyond your ads and targeting strategy. Get in touch and let's set up a time to talk. Brian Tracy   USA: 877.433.6225   Email Me