CMI Benefits Successful B2B Content Marketing lgAlmost two-thirds of B2B marketers believe that content marketing is an effective tactic for the top of the funnel, yet it also is proving to be useful for activities further down the funnel. Indeed, it’s the bottom-of-the-funnel goals that are growing the most for B2B marketers in North America this year, per a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs.

The survey of more than 650 B2B marketers in North America reveals that, while more respondents achieved top-of-the-funnel goals such as creating brand awareness (86% in 2019 vs. 81% in 2018) and generating demand or leads (70% in 2019 vs. 68% in 2018), the biggest improvement was with goals residing towards the bottom of the funnel. Read full article online>>>

-courtesy MarketingCharts