CRM Followup with customersYou’ve been working hard to follow-up on your leads and convert them to paying customers. Then you rinse and repeat your sales process on the next new lead and again convert them to a new customer. Your CRM system is helping you with the follow-up to increase sales based on your sales process.

What about the follow-up to existing customers?

How often have you stayed in touch with them to ask for repeat business, upsold them, or asked for referrals?

Let’s look at an actual follow-up system used by a home remodeler with existing customers using a 4-step process in their CRM system.

After the remodeling job is complete, the remodeler immediately adds a job completion date to a field in their CRM system. This kicks in an automated workflow that does the following:

  1. Sends a thank-you email and assigns the secretary to the task of sending a thank you letter by mail.
  2. Adds the customer to the monthly newsletter list.
  3. Assigns a 30-day follow-up to a customer service rep to make sure the customer is still satisfied. On that call they are required to ask for a referral and make note on the contact whether they referred anyone or not.
  4. Assigns the salesperson a call to be made one year later to arrange an appointment for an inspection of the remodeling work. After inspection the salesperson will assign a worker to fix for free work they performed that requires adjustment. The salesperson will then inquire about remodeling other areas of the house and ask for referrals.

This is not to complex a follow-up system, but the results have been tremendous!

[quotes]For every 10 jobs completed, they are averaging four new referrals.[/quotes] One of these referrals included a new kitchen design and remodeling. Another was for a new outdoor deck. Others were for bathrooms and finishing a basement.

When they came back a year later for the inspection, they found that two out of 10 jobs revisited led to additional remodeling work at the home. The most common additional jobs were bathrooms, indoor room painting, and remodeling outdoor decks. The additional painting and/or remodeling work came in at between $3,800 to $28,300!

[quotesright]This is why it’s important to have a follow-up process for your customers. [/quotesright] If they are happy with your product and services, then they will be open to buying more and referring you to their friends.

You will find it’s great to get new customers but it’s much easier, faster and less expensive to sell to your existing customers.

Start a follow-up process right away! You’ll see increased sales and profits from using your CRM to make your follow-up profitable.

-Courtesy - Joe Norcott, CRM expert