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human nature largeLooking for some insights that you can always bank on? These strategies have successfully worked in over 250 different industries involving 100s of different businesses.

If you want your marketing to be efficient and effective, memorize – and put into action – these seven key points:

1. Everyone wants the best deal. Notice I didn't say the lowest price. It means the most value for the price they pay. What do prospects value? Finding the solutions to their problems, frustrations, fears, or concerns.

2. Always market to the negative. Most people will do anything to avoid pain…but very little to gain pleasure. Show them the solution to their “hot button” issues and they will buy from you forever.

3. Prospects buy based on emotion. Human beings make decisions based mostly on emotion – they only use logic to justify their purchase. Market to the negative and make it as emotionally compelling as possible.

Hit your prospects squarely in their “hot buttons” and you will automatically make an emotional connection.

4. Make your business “unique. The best way to do this is to find a “niche” market for your business. That means you must stop trying to be everything to everyone. When you select a niche market based on your passion for what you do, you instantly become unique. Since your competition is trying to be all things to all people this will separate you.

Prospects are looking for an expert, not a generalist.

Prospects are looking for an expert, not a generalist.

5. Create extraordinary value. As a business owner your job is to make sure your business offers them exactly what they want and that means positioning yourself in a niche market and then innovating that business to give the niche market exactly what they're looking for. That creates extraordinary value.

6. Be able to communicate your uniqueness and extraordinary value. You must create a highly, targeted, laser-focused message aimed specifically at the prospects in your niche market. This is called your elevator pitch.

When your prospect responds with, “How do you do that?” Then you know you have a terrific elevator pitch.

7. Prospects buy what they want…not what they need. Prospects buy on emotion and justify with logic. When you need something, you are drawing a logical conclusion; prospects may or may not buy what they need, but they will always buy what they want.

It all goes back to emotion: If you can create marketing messages based on emotion – you can absolutely dominate your competition.

- by coach Phil Gilkes, Strategic Marketing Specialist