the boron letters largeThis book is about the importance of mastering the power of the written word in sales and actionable training and how to convince people to buy your products and services and it comes from an icon in the copywriting word.

Today, there are many people that you will only reach if you can entice them with a letter, email or other written piece. Many people with the power to buy your services hide behind email addresses, notorious gatekeepers, and voicemail.

The late great Gary Halbert may well be the greatest copywriter ever to live. Some years ago, I heard Dan Kennedy say something to the effect that Gary Halbert was better than him on a bad day. This is pretty high praise coming from one of the highest paid marketers on the planet.

The Boron Letters were written by Halbert when he was in prison. They were designed to teach his son Bond what he knew about marketing. These letters were whispered about and coveted for years, and originally only available through Halbert’s paid subscription newsletter.

He eventually made them available for free on his website a few years before his death. Now, Bond has made them available in book format with his own recollections and annotations. Anybody serious about learning the craft of a wordsmith should have this book in their collection.

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- Recommendation by Ben Pritchett