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As study after study clearly shows, unnecessary stress in the workplace is a leading cause of higher costs to do business and decreased productivity. In fact, a report published by puts the cost of stress in the workplace in America at a whopping $300 billion per year, representative of the impact on well-being, the cost of absenteeism and efficiency.

While some employers may argue that stress is a necessary element in the workplace dynamic – the critical driving force behind the completion of one’s job responsibilities – the overwhelming information available to employers today clearly shows that stress, unchecked and rampant in the workplace, is as debilitating as a failing economy. At its worst, stress could not only ruin a business but it could flat out destroy lives.

As research clearly shows, stress in the business world does not play favorites. Owners, management and staff all feel its far-reaching impact that aside from the clear financial implications includes physical and mental health issues, increased workplace conflict, decreased productivity and flat-out poor morale. Add to the mix the negative effect stress has on our families and the community and it’s easy to see that eradicating unnecessary stress from the job could have a positive far-reaching impact.

As more business owners comprehend the importance of reducing or eliminating stress in the workplace, many are seeking the solution in ridding their business of this on-the-job menace.In this first in a series of articles on stress and anxiety on the job, we will look at one simple solution to stress and how this could lead to a healthier, more productive business environment for businesses of all sizes.

The key is clarity.

By creating a structure of clarity in the workplace, business owners will find the magic elixir that will immediately create a more high-powered, efficient and, yes, less stressful work environment. Through clarity, the concept of stress as a force in the business mechanism will be replaced by a new, more positive inspirational approach of energizing employees to be more productive.Let’s take a closer look at the common workplace and one area where clarity is paramount.


A general lack of communication can be devastating to a business and be the petri dish for uncontrolled stress. Think about it, poor communication is directly connected to poor performance.

If owners do not clearly communicate their vision, structure and goals for the business, employees are forced to operate in this vacuum and, in seeking to find the exact reason for their workplace role, are feeling the stress of this lack of clear direction. Consider the trickle down effect of clouded vision and communication and you will find an entire workplace operating within an environment that breeds stress across the spectrum of employees.As owners or managers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver a clear, concise message to everyone within our workplace. Don’t take for granted that everyone “knows their role.”

Implement a plan to ensure the lines of communication are well defined and comprehensive. Be sure that the vision of the business is shared with everyone in the workplace. Engage each and every employee to be a productive part of the process, not just a faceless cog in the machine.The focus on great communication can immediately trigger a more positive environment in the workplace, energize employees, and improve productivity.

Remember, it’s all about clarity.


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