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Take this quiz to assess your preparedness for an act of workplace violence. Score 10 points for each “yes.”

  1. Have you published and communicated a “zero tolerance” policy?
  2. Have you trained your workforce on violence warning signs and reporting practices?
  3. Have you built trust and confidence in your workforce so that people feel safe from harm when they report what they see?
  4. Have you trained all your supervisors on aspects of workplace violence prevention?
  5. Do you resolve all reported observations and reports quickly?
  6. Have you prohibited weapons in the workplace?
  7. Do you discipline and treat every employee with dignity and respect?
  8. Do you carefully vet potential employees for previous incidents of workplace violence?
  9. Do you confront misbehaving employees with statements of observed evidence rather than judgments?
  10. Have you coordinated with your local law enforcement in advance of any event?

Now total your scores and assess your readiness on this scale:

  • - 80 or higher means you are well prepared for an act of violence.
  • - Between 60 and 80 means you need to up your game.
  • - And below 60 means that you need to start developing good policies and procedures.
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